Shri Radhe Krishna Nagar

Most Innovative living style and nature alongside !!!

We believe that life must exist alongside nature, just not at the cost of it. Shri Radhe Krishna Nagar is designed in such a way that insures proper ventilation that lets in natural light. It also gives the peacefull environment with noise free and polution free area to justify the surroundings. As a result of it less electricity is consumed which enables huge energy savings and eco-friendly livings.

Perfect Location for investment in Raipur Area !!!

Loation of any property is all that matters for a perfect or great investment. We understand that investment in any property is one of the biggest decision you will ever make. This project is located in such a location that is near by Raipur and seems to a better investment as an upcoming developments and expansions of city as per Raipur Development Authority (RDA).